Our Stamped Curbing Gallery

When Designers Edge Curbing stamps with rollers you can get a ton of different looks that can complement your landscape.  Our process involves several different steps and is very simple to achieve.


  1. The homeowner is to pick what impression they would like from the choices below. 

  2. Decide what the overall color of the curb is going to be.  This will be chosen by you from the secondary color chart.  This color will be the main color of the curb so you need to be sure when you choose. 

  3. Designer's Edge then will pick the color from the primary chart that best goes with your color.  The color we choose will be the light undertones that accompanies the color you chose, its important that this color contrasts, that is why it is best we choose it


Your stamped curbing will be sealed with a high gloss acrylic concrete seal to protect it from the elements and also bring out the colors.  Refer to our care & maintenance tab for yearly upkeep.