Styles and Options

Several factors determine the cost of your curbing, this includes linear footage, size of curb, colors, stamping, carving, and property issues.  Please look through all our options and decide what you want your curb to look like and your budget.

Gray Slant

This style of curb is by far the most popular in the country, it has a very clean look and can be colored and also stamped.

Slant style curb is by far a company favorite and will look great on any property!

Colored Slant

You can add a color to any curb regardless of size or shape.  If you look at our primary color chart there are several shades to choose from.

The color is mixed with the concrete and after it is finished is sealed with a high gloss acrylic concrete seal.  It is 1$ extra to add color to any gray curb.

Stamped and Colored With Roller

Roller stamps have been popular for decades.  It's a great way to get a pattern into your curb.  Pick your pattern and a secondary color.  Designers Edge will pick the primary integral color to best match the color you choose.  This is a 2 color system, 1 primary and 1 secondary.

6x4 Block Style

Block style type curbs are designed more for commercial applications as they are a bit larger and because of the flat top are perfect for big mowers.  It is also a very clean look and will give you a tall face towards the grass that the slant style won't.

6x6 Block Style

This is a large curb typically used in parking lots or commercial areas.  It is also a great curb to use around playgrounds/areas to hold in material.  Please call for pricing when considering for parking lots as price may change.

Cedar Mountain Stone
Check out our custom crafted

Canyonlands Natural Stone Series

The Canyonlands Natural Stone Series is the best curbing we offer! Designers Edge Curbing is one a few in Southern Utah with the right training and equipment to craft such beautiful curbing.

From our Tushar Slate to our Cedar Mountain Stone, we know you'll love our custom natural look at your home. Click here to check out the rest of the series and a gallery of photos associated with each of them.

Mountain Mahogany Marble

Mahogany Mountain Marble 7

Escalante Block

Escalante Block 5

Cedar Mountain Stone

Cedar Mountain Stone

Tushar Slate